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The Outsiders: Chapter 11 Questions - Blogger. Vocabulary: Find the meaning of the following word from the chapter and use it in a sentence correctly. acquitted- a relieve from a charge or crime After he served his jail time he was acquitted. Myopenmath answers statistics
Page 3 of 8. The$Outsiders,"S.E."Hinton 145 if she was scared of me, even though I'd never caused any trouble in her class. You can bet that made me feel real tuff.

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Darry, he realizes, has never parented before and it’s like Ponyboy is his first child. Parents tend to over-do things with their first born. This is an interesting passage because Ponyboy has matured; he’s now able to see things from Darry’s perspective. Later in the chapter, he’s also able to see things from the Socs’ perspective. 5.

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LAURE -LEAF ON EMPO ARY FiCTlON . Title: The Outsiders.pdf Author: p00058274 Created Date: 11/26/2016 3:23:26 PM

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A/N: Hey guys, totally overwhelmed with the response to this story, keep the reviews coming; glad you guys are enjoying it. I need to apologize for the last chapter though, it fell a bit on the short side and there were stupid grammar errors (such as they're/their, which normally I'm anal about lol), but I was on my way out and didn't have time to re-check it.

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Dally Winston had been in gangs in New York City before joining the greasers. He is Ponyboy's least favorite member of the gang, and Pony considers him "tougher

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Here is a link to sparknotes on the subjectSparkNotes: The Outsiders: Chapters 11-12. The Outsiders Questions - Answers Test your knowledge on all of The Outsiders. Perfect prep for The Outsiders quizzes and tests you might have in school. The Outsiders: Full Book Quiz | SparkNotes The Outsiders: Additional Chapter Questions Chapter One 1.

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Summary: Chapter 11 Ponyboy is restricted to bed rest for a week after he wakes up from his concussion. He finds a picture of Bob the Soc in Sodapop's high school yearbook. Ponyboy, in a delirious state, says that he killed Bob himself and that Johnny is still alive. Darry asks Randy to leave.

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3. Finish reading chapter 6 The Outsiders and chapter 6 WS 4. HW - Test Monday Ch 1-6 Thursday 5/11 1. Do Now - Cherry has offered to be a spy for the Greasers. Is she trustworthy? Explain in a paragraph. 2. QuickWrite- Ponyboy Letter to Soda or Darry after he has received Soda's letter 3. Read Chapter 6 and begin Chapter 6 WS 4.

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Two Bit] I sit in my cell staring at the cold stone floor as last night repeats in my head. Dallas man. I hope he's recovering, I hope he's actually alive. He's a good old pal of mine Dal.....I can't imagine how the girls are. I mean they both lost their brothers. Tammy with Johnny and Brooklyn with Dallas, well if he's made it. I wouldn't know. ''Right, on your f...

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Chapter 11 Quick Check Questions: Use formal response for all answers. Include page numbers to show where you found your answers. 1. Explain why Pony might rather have anyone's hate than their pity (p.162). !!

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