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Aug 28, 2016 · New Apex methods are available (User.UITheme and UserInfo.getUiTheme()) that provide a standardised approach that replaces the previous use of the JavaScript global (and its unsupported approach caveat). Files Connect for Box (Pilot) Files held on the Box cloud are now accessible directly in Salesforce via the Files Connect feature. 5 examples of irony in the cask of amontillado
Force-Directed Methods. — Drawing Undirected Graphs. Force-Directed Methods. Use a physical analogy to draw graphs How does the natural "draw" a graph?

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I set this part in a method (let's call it release()), but it is not guaranteed that other Of course I can document that, but I want to force them. Note: I cannot call the release...

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Jun 24, 2019 · 5) Lightning Experience manages navigation using "Events" (use '' object) while in Salesforce Classic we have "PageReference" for performing navigation actions. 6) Use <apex:slds> component to reference Lightning Design System stylesheets without uploading them as a static resource, simplifying the syntax of your page and preventing ...

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The first line of a static method definition, known as the signature, gives a name to the Properties of static methods. Multiple arguments. Like a mathematical function, a Java static method can take on...

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Force-directed graph drawing algorithms are a class of algorithms for drawing graphs in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Their purpose is to position the nodes of a graph in two-dimensional or three-dimensional space so that all the edges are of more or less equal...

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Aug 11, 2015 · I used this method and get solution for wifi keys problem on windows 10 on Me HCL laptop. I suggest you to try installing Hotkeys driver. Follow these steps after install the drivers check if that helps. Download the keyboard drivers and hot fix (PHotkeys) driver from the manufacturer’s website. Install driver on your system

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The basic method for the analysis of indeterminate truss by force method is similar to the indeterminate beam analysis discussed in the previous lessons.

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Total Physical Response (TPR) is a language teaching method which is based on the idea that the coordination of speech and action will boost learning.

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In my apex class i have used UserInfo.getUiThemeDisplayed() to check whether the user is in lightning exp or classic but now I want to check whether user is in Lightning Community or not <br><br>How can i check the same in apex class .<br>UserInfo.getUiThemeDisplayed(); return theme 3 in community <br>Can anyone suggest anything<br>

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In order to fully configure a valid relationship, it is necessary to follow the Has/With pattern and pair the use of HasOne with either the WithOne or WithMany method, depending on whether the relationship...

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Method ‘getDynamicSQL’ is used to frame the SQL statement for querying Notes or Attachments object, dynamically. I didn’t want to hard code the field names in my query and hence this approach. Leveraged some code from here (thanks!) Method ‘performCloning’ does the actual cloning. It takes the dynamic SQL, cloned object type and the ...

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